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Calendula is a wonderful plant that has been used since ancient times for its natural healing properties. Calendula is more commonly known as marigold and the flowers were often used to dress wounds even as recently as during World War I.

Our soothing natural handmade Calendula salve is a marvelous all-purpose healing salve that is easily absorbed and can help soothe the skin and offer relief from minor skin troubles such as dry skin, chapped lips, sunburn and other minor scrapes, burns and rashes. It is also often used as a natural alternative to commercial diaper creams to calm the skin on baby’s bottom or chapped cheeks.

Calendula Salve offers a natural remedy that feels instantly soothing and promotes your body’s own healing process. It’s a great all-purpose salve to keep close at hand for life’s little emergencies both at home and outside. Order a jar of Calendula salve as a practical gift for anyone who spends time outdoors such as gardeners or hikers or for new parents and teachers.

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Key ingredients in this superb good-for-what-ails-you balm include the following:

  • CALENDULA which has long been used to naturally cleanse, soothe and heal irritated or problem skin

You’ll receive 1.8 oz of salve packaged in a glass jar. Just apply a thin layer as needed to get these pure ingredients’ robust benefits.

This salve is formulated to soften immediately on your skin – which means it can melt as it approaches body temperature, especially during shipping. Just set the container upright in the freezer until it solidifies, then let it come back to room temperature. Your salve won’t experience any loss of potency in this process.

Disclaimer: We have been advised frequently of how healing our products are, under NO circumstances do we make any medical claims about our products. The content provided on this web site is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed professional. We ARE NOT licensed professionals. If you should ever experience any type of discomfort or reaction to our products, please discontinue use immediately.

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